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Income Report July

Hiking in the Appalachian Mountains, near Black Balsam, is one of the most beautiful hikes outside of Asheville, North Carolina. My girlfriend and I, along with some friends, enjoyed doing a 6-mile loop the second weekend in July. Looking back, the fog was reminiscent of our July sales. Hard to see through but I know it will lift. Staying positive, being grateful for what we do have, and working hard will undoubtedly get us through this tough summer month. Let’s do this. 

Merch by Amazon:  $567 from 141 sold (ouch!). This has been my worst Merch by Amazon month since April 2017! What happened? 

This might sound kind of crazy (and it kind of is) but hear me out. I deleted 2400 designs from our account because of Amazon’s new content policy. Oops. With little time to spare, I realized I wouldn’t be able to update every design to be in compliance with their new policy. So, instead of risking my account, I decided to delete the designs and re-upload them with new content and keywords created that stays within the new guidelines. Most of those designs didn’t have any sales anyway, so it was time to re-keyword them for better opportunities. With Merch Along making it easy to upload I was able to avoid having a complete panic attack and instead just settled for a 50% panic attack. 

Joking aside, hopefully re-uploading our designs with better keywords will give us a breath of fresh Merch by Amazon air as we head into Q4. 

Teepublic: $49 – 17 products sold. Teepublic is a wildcard, we don’t pay a lot of attention to it but it continues to pay out.

Teespring: $27 from 7 sold. 6 of the 7 sales were from their boosted network. For not touching something in about 10 months, I’m surprised with the results. Though nothing to brag about, it’s great to see sales coming in from efforts that took place last year. 

Redbubble: I’m opening another store and we’ll be uploading all of our products there in time for Q4 sales now that Merch Along supports uploading here.

Influencers: We reached out to about 300 influencers and about 13 turned out to be really interested. We’re working on getting them set up with a few ideas in motion.

Possible offers for Influencers

  1. MBA products – Easiest for me, but is it best for the influencer? Probably not. Merch by Amazon current product line is subpar compared to 3rd party products that Teelaunch and Printful offer. 
  2. Their own store but using affiliate links to pull the products from Amazon. Being on Amazon with 3rd party suppliers – so we can offer more products, or the same products but better quality (like t-shirts) and collect emails at the same time from their website.
  3. Their own store with their own free subdomain separate from Amazon.

Why would someone be interested in this?

People have a lot on their plate, ever hear someone say “Oh yeah, we’re going to do that”  but then never do? We’re all guilty of this because we all have a lot going on. Our goal in helping influencers is to make it as easy as possible for them to get Merch in front of their audience. In other words, it’s a no-hassle way of getting them set up with their ideas and their Merch in front of their audience, without extra hassle or stress. Everything is easy and simple for the influencer, if they have an idea, we’ll create it for them (we have the designers). All they have to do is place it in front of their audience to let them make purchases. Payments are sent via PayPal. 

So why wouldn’t an influencer do it themselves? They can! They can do whatever they want. Our service is meant for those influencers that just want someone to do everything for them. It’s for those that don’t have the time. It’s for those that don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up a store and adding Merch. It’s for those that just want to focus on building their audience, which is what they’re best at, and letting us take care of the rest. Will this work and be a win/win situation for both parties? Yes. 

We have one individual who has signed a contract and has an audience of about 67,000 and is exactly who I’m describing above. 

August Goals

1. Go online with YouTube LIve videos to help people with Merch related information and show how to use Merch Along.
2. Add Teespring into our Print on Demand offers 
            + Add 3rd party supplier into MA (for mugs especially)
            + Get light/dark color profiles set up for each sales channel. 
3. Get all influencers set up and “Merchified
4. Update Shopify store, check on its sales channels, email our list with new products.
5. Max 4k tier so I can get tiered up. That’s 4000 – about 300 currently live = 3700 / 31 = 119 per day / 5 MBA products = about 24 unique designs uploaded per day.

  • July was rough for Merch Sales, everything was down in terms of sales. In addition, because of MBA’s new content policy, I deleted about 2,400 designs from my account because of the new content policy. All of our premium shirts had the word “premium” in them. A lot of our products also had the words 
  • Need to focus on what’s working and work to 10x that. What’s working? Mugs. I love mugs. People love mugs. I love mugs because people buy our mugs. Profit margins are great on them and we sell … what else is working? Seller central and Etsy. I’m going to double down on seller central products this month.