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Australian-based print on demand company, Redbubble expanded it’s international reach recently by snapping up competitor TeePublic for $41 million USD. Redbubble announced the acquisition of TeePublic on October 24th, 2018 and clarified how the businesses will be run going forward in a blog post.

In summary, here are the important things you should know about the acquisition:

  • TeePublic and Redbubble will continue to operate independently, with their own staff, websites, and platforms.
  • Redbubble will be streamline the upload process to make the experience “super simple”, and enabling artists to “get exposure to larger audiences”.
  • Redbubble and TeePublic will share data to create an “art crime database” to help separate original artists from thieves.
  • More collaboration with larger brands is likely on the way. Redbubble is “seeking to create opportunities for passionate fan artists to connect with brands they love”…think Merch Collab for Redbubble.

Overall this looks like good news for POD sellers. For those who sell on Redbubble already, it feels like there will be opportunities to expand easily into TeePublic’s US market without many hiccups.

Shannon and I have been fans of RedBubble for a while now, and they’ve detailed quite the roadmap for where they want to take their network of POD services and customer experience. It seems like Redbubble will also be able to feed more volume from TeePublic into their network of third party POD factories, which will allow them to achieve lower unit costs and benefit from scaled volume. We’re also hoping that TeePublic can bring some SEO/marketing know-how to teh table and help Redbubble grow their customer base and market smarter.

Going forward, loading up more products to Redbubble seems like a smart move alongside larger channels like Merch by Amazon and Etsy. They’re growing the ecosystem and investing in the technology and experience for buyers and sellers…now let’s hope they pass some of those margins along to sellers, otherwise TeePublic will remain too low on the cost-benefit totem pole for many to put effort into uploading there.