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How Do I Know If I Need a POD Action Plan?

What Can I Expect from POD coaching?

Spencer will ask specific questions about your business and goals to make sure we can tailor the coaching and actions directly to your abilities. You can expect to receive transparent, clear advice on exactly what steps to take next. You’ll come out of the session with a detailed action plan to move your business forward.

How Do I Know if POD Coaching Is Right for Me?

If you’re looking to grow your POD business faster, but don’t know the best way to do it, this is the right place for you. Spencer has spent countless hours experimenting and trying new strategies so that you don’t have to go through it yourself. If you are looking for a clear, focused action plan, coaching might be right for you.

Who do you typically work with?

Spencer’s typical client is a solo entrepreneur that may be working on their business as a side hustle or project. Usually the client is facing some type of crossroads in their business and needs to decide which path is right for them, and specifically how to achieve their goals as fast as possible.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Ongoing consulting services are the best way to keep on-track with your goals and stay accountable to an action plan over time.  Spencer is more than happy to schedule multiple sessions to tweak strategies as needed, react to different results, and to update the action plan as needed.

How do I know If I'll get value from Coaching?

Spencer has put it all on the line in POD. He quit his full-time job to work as full-time e-commerce entrepreneur and has published the most transparent income reports in the industry. He’s grown businesses from $0 to several thousands per month in passive income in a very short amount of time, and have been completely open about the mental and tactical ups and downs of his process. His goal is to lift others up alongside them as he grows his own POD businesses and “walk the walk” in building a freedom-based business. If you get value from the free Merch Lifestyle Podcast, YouTube channel, or blog, you’ll get value from POD coaching.

About Spencer Shewbridge

Print on Demand Specialist

Spencer is an experienced supply chain specialist, with a professional leadership background in global sourcing, fulfillment, and planning. He grew his print on demand side hustle to a full-time income and has branched out into focused brand-building, merchandising services, and creating high quality coaching content for fellow e-commerce entrepreneurs.

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Spencer helped me so much!! I was struggling to lift my Merch By Amazon business for almost a year, trying to learn everything I could from YouTube, Facebook and blogs, but I was not progressing. I was able to sell less than five shirts a week. I was not sure if my research strategy was good enough, and if I was doing the keywords in an optimal way… It was very frustrating and I was spending a lot of precious time wondering and trying different things.

I found Merch Lifestyle on YouTube and I decided to take a coaching session. I only needed one session in order to lift my business up. It is amazing how much one good coaching session can do. Spencer gave me all the knowledge I needed with a lot of patience and kindness. He was very thorough and did it intelligently, simply and practically.

My sales started increasing in a matter of one intense week of work, practicing what I learned. Today, two months later,  I’m able to sell more than 100 products a week on Merch by Amazon and have a growing store on Etsy. My business is growing very fast and I feel confident I will be able to make it my main income source in a few months.

I strongly recommend everyone who feels that they need some help to use Merch Lifestyle coaching – it is the best tool I found to grow my business and save my precious time, it’s worth every penny!

Aviv Bracha

Print on Demand Entrepreneur

I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Spencer from Merch Lifestyle. After listening to his podcast, I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I was able to connect with them and sign up for some one-on-one print on demand business consulting. I found the sessions (I had 2) to be very professional, honest, well structured and with plenty of actionable advice tailored to my specific situation where I wasn’t getting any results. He followed up with an action plan and I’ve since re-adjusted my strategy and started to see some sales coming in. 

Domenic Fedele

Print on Demand Entrepreneur